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May 13, 2015


Equal Access

Job Title

Executive Producer At Equal Access

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Executive Producer

****Essential Job Functions:****

The Executive Producer is engaged to provide leadership and editorial guidance on various TV/Film Productions such as General Programmes, Breakfast shows, youth programmes and Drama being produced by Arewa 24. Duties will include but not limited to:

  1. To work with HOPCB to develop the format for each programme.
  2. To be editorially responsible for the content of all programmes produced in the department
  3. To be ultimately responsible for all aspects of producing and directing from pre-production, directing the show to overseeing post production.
  4. Managing the production teams and logistics of production.
  5. Be responsible for completing all the production paperwork in a timely manner.
  6. Oversee the work of the Producers and ensure that they are delivering quality programmes.
  7. Be responsible with producers for casting the on-screen talent and ensuring that they are properly contracted and paid
  8. Be responsible with producers for delivering production within budget and allocated resources.
  9. With the production teams ensure that the programmes are delivered on time to be added to the hard drive.
  10. To be ultimately responsible for the overall technical quality of the programming produced ensuring that all production is up to acceptable broadcast standard.

****Other duties:****

  1. Participation in daily production meetings to review programmes delivered and provide input into the planning of future programmes.
  2. Providing feedback to Producers and making suggestions to content.
  3. Directing and producing the programme when necessary
  4. Carry out on-camera interviews and present the programmes when necessary.
  5. Any other duties as assigned by supervisor


  • Education (recognised technical certifications, OND, HND, B.Sc.) in Media and Communication or related field
  • At least 2 years experience in structured media organisation

Year of Experience

1-3 year


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