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May 18, 2015


Hobark International Limited

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Medicine and Occupational Health Physician At Hobark International Limited

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Hobark International Limited is the parent company of the Hobark group operating in the oil and gas industry. The company was incorporated in 1998, starting as a staffing agency based in Port Harcourt. Currently we have offices in 4 countries with our head office in Lagos. The group offers the following services.

Medicine and Occupational Health Physician


1. Monitor the state of health of employees and their medical fitness to occupy Service positions through periodic and mandatory annual, pre-employment and after sickness medical check-up.
2. Initiate and establish protocols and practical procedures for medical care in conformity with Health Policies
3. Participate in the evaluation of risks and hazards in liaison with the Industrial Hygiene Unit in the workplace in line with the health protection rules; noise evaluation, toxic hazards, lightening, ergonomic, thermal ambiance, infectious hazards.
4. Study the arrangement of Service positions and ensure they are done in an ergonomic and healthy manner.
Have a good knowledge of the employees’ Services and their risks, to analyze simultaneously Service and Health for a good work balance and integration in the company.
5. To prevent employees’ exposure to serious pathologies by a systematic tracking: respiratory tests, cardio vascular tests, visual tests, Hearing tests, biological sample taking.
6. Inform Collectively on medical concern through preventive Campaigns.
7. To assist in the prevention of workplace health hazard due to handling, noise, lightening, toxics, arrangement of work postings, work conditions.


Set up the occupational Health Services in Deepwater District (by reporting to the Senior OH Physician TUCN functionally and SMO Deepwater District Administratively).
The position works in tandem with other professionals of the Division for effective provision of services and looks up to the
hierarchy for direction on policy matters.
On 7days/24hours call when on duty as Weekly Medical Doctor.
Manage difficulties which can arise from unrealistic/unreasonable expectations and demands from clientele.

Accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment and decisions as the opposite could considerably endanger life or worsen existing medical conditions.
Accountable for the health of the workforce in the Company and provides advice on healthy living practice to Staff and dependants.
Providing effective medical treatment to beneficiaries would help reduce overall lost time due to injuries and diseases.
Monitor the retainership clinics and specialists’ abuses hereby ultimately reducing cost of medical services.

MBBS Fellow, having the specialty of Occupational Physician, competent in Industrial Hygiene with 3 to 5 years of working experience and good knowledge/reference of the Oil &Gas Industry.

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