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May 20, 2015


Jagal Group

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Latest Oil & Gas Recruitment At Jagal Group

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Jagal Group is a leading Nigerian conglomerate with operations in the Oil&Gas, Construction and Manufacturing industries. The company has been growing successfully over the past 40 years, and has become a valuable and respected contributor to the development of the country's economy.



  • All inspection activities on all projects and completion of all related documentation, reports etc.
  • To be a team player in the corrosion protection treatment process of fabricated structural steel structures and associated items.

Key aims and objectives

  • To apply your work skills in a manner which enables the Coating Department to deliver defect free product, which conforms to customer supplied specifications and Project working procedures.
  • To assist the department in achieving this objective at the first attempt, within the time allowed and at each subsequent attempt.

Prime Responsibilities and Duties

  • To carry out instructions from your superiors in a  safe manner at all times.
  • Assuming responsibility for the item you are painting through to the delivery stage.
  • To apply paint in a manner and at the stipulated wet film thickness (WFT), adhering to project and/or Nigerdock working procedures, ensuring the desired quality in finished product is achieved.
  • Your rate of production will be in line with acceptable industry norms, utilizing correctly functioning and correctly set equipment.
  • As a specialist tradesman you will always be held fully responsible for the quality of your own work and you will inspect your own work for conformance.
  • To always ensure your equipment is cleaned properly and to report faulty equipment immediately to your supervisor.
  • To ensure that you are aware of the hazards pertaining to the tasks you are performing and ensuring that you always wear suitable PPE and use suitable equipment.
  •  To act in a responsible manner and plan your working day according to instructions given to you by your superiors, ensuring that in a reasonable time allocation, you collect all PPE and equipment necessary to perform your tasks prior to you moving to the work site.
  • To inform your superiors immediately if you are not capable of carrying out specific tasks due to poor health or lack of knowledge.
  • When not performing your primary function as a spray painter, you are expected to take part in any other activities associated with the functioning of the department including housekeeping activities.
  • To conduct yourself in a manner that satisfies the purpose of your employment at Nigerdock.

Other Duties
When not performing your primary function as a Spray Painter, you are expected to take part in any other activities associated with the functioning of the department including but not limited to brush painting and housekeeping activities.

To assist the Lead Inspector in the completion of comprehensive weekly QA/QC progress and associated documentation with input information gathered from daily activities.



To be in charge of ferrying personnel and goods in and out of the island ensuring all safety precautions are adhered to. Follow boat schedule timings and instructions from beach master/supervisor. Collision regulations to be critically observed at all times.

Key aims and objectives:
Ensuring safe and effective handling of the Vessels, Equipment and Passengers On-board.

Prime Responsibilities and Duties:
Conveyance of Personnel, Goods and Vehicles safely. Ensuring the safety of passengers and Crew members. Safe keeping of all equipment assigned to and keeping away from hazards. Ensure all passengers wear their life-jackets, if applicable. Follow scheduled and requested timings.

Other Duties:

  • As may be assigned by the Marine Management.
  • To ensure that the ferry is properly kept. Maintain a daily check list for the boat & life vests. Maintain good housekeeping habits.

The Persons:

  • Secondary school certificate.
  • Quatermaster Certificate.
  • S.T.C.W - 95 Certificate.
  • River Master Certification.  (Not compulsory).
  • Minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in similar industry.
  • Good English and communication skills.
  • Read and Write.



To keep watch, and support navigation for the captain on board the boat for successful routine. Operations.

Key aims and objectives:

  • To ensure that all passengers embark and dis-embark the boat in a safe manner.
  • To ensure correct Along-siding, mooring, fender installation.
  • To ensure all passenger aboard fill the passenger’s manifest. Non applicable to popular jetty.
  • To ensure all passengers wear their life vest, if applicable.

Prime Responsibilities and Duties:
General cleaning of the boat at all times, correct disposal of items or materials that are liable to cause accident within and outside the boat, keeping watch on the boat at the jetty to avoid theft, vandalism and damage.  Ensure safely tied up at all times, does all rope work on board, monitors boat mooring ropes and make sure they are properly stowed in their correct positions. Apply emergency procedures giving clear commands to captain and passengers.

Other Duties:
As may be assigned by the Boat Captain or Marine Management.

The Persons:

  • First School Leaving Certificate.
  • First aid certificate.
  • Personal Survival Technique.
  • Fire Prevention and Fighting Certificate.
  • Able Seaman Certificate of Competency. (Not compulsory).
  • STCW-95
  • Minimum of 2-3 Years’ experience in similar role.
  • Good English and communication (verbal) skills.
  • Read and Write.


Deputy Head of Information

The role is to support the Head of Information Management in the day to day running of the IM department and to deputise during leave periods. This will include ensuring that the day to day operations of both the IT and Application Support departments are run in accordance with policies and procedures and that they meet the defined KPI’s and project managing specific projects and initiatives in both departments.

Key aims and objectives:

  • Ensure that the department operates to the appropriate policies and procedures
  • Ensure that existing software applications are properly managed
  • Ensure that support teams resolve support issues promptly with effective communication to end users on resolution issues and timescales.
  • Ensure that changes in the system configurations follow the correct change management process.
  • Ensure that unresolved issues are escalated to vendors and promptly and followed up until resolved.
  • Work with end user departments when directed to,  to look at current business practices and processes and make recommendations on how these can be improved either through more effective use of existing software or through the implementation of new software applications. Support these recommendations, as necessary, with business cases and Return on Investment calculations.
  • Monitor end user usage of all company wide systems (internet, printing, telephone and e-mail) to ensure compliance with company policy and escalate where non-compliance is found.
  • Review infrastructure usage and future requirements and make recommendations where appropriate to improve or expand to meet business needs.

Prime Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Protect and enhance the company reputation.
  • Ensure that all work done is in accordance with the company Health and Safety policy and procedures and that any observed Health and Safety issues are reported through the proper channels
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding application data

Other Duties:
To assist the corporate management team in maintaining appropriate professional standards for corporate execution.

The Person:

  • Extensive technical IT knowledge and experience including VMWare, Windows networking, Exchange
  • Server, Oracle and Microsoft database technologies, advanced IP networking, IT security, IP and traditional telephony and desktop computers and software.
  • Extensive knowledge of ERP and business software applications, including the definition of requirements, assisting in product selection, project management, application setup, testing, training and support.
  • Excellent business analysis skills with the ability to understand end user requirements and translate them into business solution.
  • Thorough understanding of corporate business processes especially in supply chain and finance.
  • The ability to train staff and corporate team members in the use of software applications
  • Dynamic individual who can work under pressure and complete tasks quickly and accurately, with a minimum of supervision


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