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May 20, 2015


Stanbic IBTC Bank

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Various Openings At Stanbic IBTC Bank

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Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC is a full service financial services group with a clear focus on three main business pillars - Corporate and Investment Banking, Personal and Business Banking and Wealth Management.

Stanbic IBTC Bank legally became part of Standard Bank Group 24th August 2007. The Standard Bank Group merged its Nigerian operations, Stanbic Bank Nigeria with that of IBTC Chartered Bank PLC. Stanbic IBTC Bank is a major financial service provider engaged in personal banking, business banking, credit cards, corporate banking, non-interest banking and wealth and investment banking in Nigeria.

Applications Manager - Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers

Position Description

Main Purpose of the Job
The Applications Manager is responsible for providing applications and database development and support. This role also includes electronic channels integration and support, business intelligence and data analytics, and development of customer centric software solutions that fit an evolving technology landscape which is key to ensure that the company retains its position as the number one Pension Fund Administrator with the largest market share by delivering on its Unique Selling Proposition.

Key Responsibilities
The Applications Manager has responsibilities to the following key stakeholder groups:

Head E-Business & Applications
• Regularly reports to Head E-Business and Applications on the status of assigned applications and projects.
• Works with the Head E-Business and Applications to ensure the development and deployment of strategies aimed at the continual improvement of the company’ operational effectiveness

Business Units
• Provide robust client/customer facing applications for  customer relationship management
• Provide solutions to drive the business revenue targets
• Provide technical advice on possible ways of reducing cost, delighting clients and achieving efficiency through the use of electronic channels.
• Assist decision making by providing application data in an insightful manner using business intelligence and data analytics tools
• Ensure adequate response to evolving technology landscape by researching and making known new methods of  solving business unit challenges

E-Business and Applications Unit 
• Works with E-Business and Applications team to ensure that business applications meet business needs
• Designs and builds software products  according to specification, and within the  agreed time frame, adhering to best software development methodologies throughout the product development life cycle
• Work as part of a team on projects assigned to other members of the unit
• Conducting user acceptance testing on new software and patches to ensure that deployed software solutions meet the expected needs of the business units without errors.
• Writing detailed user and system documentations for the operation of in-house developed applications
• Updating, repairing, modifying and developing existing software and generic applications
• Ensure regular revamp of the company’s website
• Identification and resolution of all software vulnerabilities on new and existing software applications

Key Performance Measures (Highlights of current Performance Contract)
• All Applications must be developed according to agreed application standards.
• The Project Timeline must be realistic and adhered to. The documentation for each project and application should be complete and up to date.
• SLA achievement on the helpdesk should be at least 95%.
• Should ensure that Applications meet minimum security requirements according to IT standards
• All new applications developed and changes must pass vulnerability assessment and signed off before deployment to live.
• Proactive monitoring of channels to ensure constant availability of service to internal and external clients

Manager, Specialised Recoveries

Position Description

Job purpose 
Manage a team of staff to minimize credit losses by constantly improving the collections on NPLs and, recoveries on the write-off portfolio.  

Key responsibilities 
Risk Management
• Ensure that all the necessary systems and controls are in place to properly manage the NPL book, and maximise rehabilitation of accounts in arrears. 
• To manage and control collection strategies and campaigns within the NPL environment with the aim of maximizing collection effectiveness and efficiency.
• Ensure effective and efficient repossession and disposal processes, secured storage facilities to be in place, as well as realising any attributable security.
• Operate within delegated authority levels, and ensure that have sufficient levels of mandate to perform day to day operations.
• Manage recoveries on the write-off portfolio.
• Ensure resolution of customer queries.

• Liaise with business partners on developments within Specialised Recoveries, and their needs.
• Co-operative relationships between the various participants in the credit recovery processes. 

People Management
• Establish an effective Specialised Recoveries structure and team, ensuring that all the required functions are adequately and timeously addressed.
• Ensure that people management and development frameworks and processes, including:
- recruitment and selection
- performance management
- talent management
- capacity building
- equity and diversity
• Develop team in the context of future capacity requirements
• Increase awareness amongst staff of statutory governance and legislation applicable to the Credit Control environment through appropriate training and accreditation interventions.
• Ongoing communication with staff regarding the need to ensure continual compliance.

• Ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and supervisory requirements, to protect the reputation of the Group and to avoid legal action / sanction in respect of regulatory compliance matters.
• Monitor adherence to internal controls and regulatory requirements and enhance procedures, in need.
• Report any breaches and exposures to the Head of Rehabilitations and Recoveries. 
• Provide relevant MI information as required.

Operational Management
• Implement and manage collection strategies and campaigns.
• Maintain a high level of customer service.
• Manage and maintain workflow.
• Any delegated ad-hoc function from Head of Rehabilitations and Recoveries.

Key performance measures 
• NPL not to exceed agreed percentage of total loan book.
• Manage impairment charge within agreed budget.
• Recovery rate on NPL and write-off portfolio.
• Timely and accurate submission of all required returns / reports.
• Control Costs within budget.
• To provided Customer Service to internal and external customers to ensure that queries/issues are resolved expeditiously.

Head, Personal Banking Credit Evaluation

Position Description

Job purpose 
• To assist Personal Bank in achieving their asset growth targets by providing effective value adding risk management, whilst maintaining a quality-lending book, through judicious and effective management thereof.
• The delivery of a professional service to the business units, by assessing and evaluating credit facilities (new and/or existing) based on sound credit & financial principles which supports the minimizing of risk to the bank. 

Key responsibilities 
•  Evaluates whether Personal Banking proposals meet sound business criteria and credit risk falls within acceptable parameters, approve and recommends appropriate credit facilities including terms or conditions of facilities.
• Ensure accuracy and reliability of approvals within advised DA, or referrals to higher authority, on personal credit applications reviewed.
• Identifies, quantifies and evaluates sources of risk in relation to profitability of business proposals and financial viability of Retail clients as a whole, interrogates/probes.
• Utilizes Industry risk analysis available to identify and understand contextual threats to existing and potential clients.
• Ensure timely and quality credit assessment and decision are made. 
• Manage adherence to the service level agreement that have been concluded.
• Builds relationship with Branch Managers and Account Analysts to improve quality of business proposals and turnaround time on credit evaluations.
•  Detects and evaluate shifts or changes in key risk parameters and evaluate the implications of such changes on continued banking relationship.
• Actioning of the daily referral report and make decisions to pay or not based on the reason for excess and source of adjustment, the terms of sanction in existence and the risk to which the Bank is exposed.
•  Issuing of sanction letters, clearly stating the conditions and requirements of the lending.
• Actively hindsighting lending decisions to ensure that correct procedure are being followed in the approval of facilities, which will prevent new NPL’s.
• Regular perusal of relevant internal & external communication, such as circulars, economic reviews on industries, & financial or industry publications to ensure that any development, new requirements or external risks are properly taken cognisance off in lending decisions or conditions of lending.
• Staff training internally (credit staff) and externally by supporting POR staff with the emphasis on the requirements to make a meaningful assessment of the credit risks involved.
•Manage the implementation of personal credit processing systems and software and monitor performance of same.
• Participate in PBB EXCO, CRMC and other relevant committees as required. 

Key performance measures 
• To achieve 100% compliance to agreed governance and control within PB Credit Evaluation.
• Effective management of credit loss within budget.
• Partner & Support Business for growth of quality risk assets
• People succession for all Key Roles within the Unit
• Timely and accurate submission of all required returns / reports.
• Control Costs within budget.
• To provided Customer Service to internal to ensure that their requests are dealt effectively and timeously(i.e within agreed TAT)


Collateral Preparation Officer

Position Description

Job Purpose
• Attending to all aspects relating to collateral documentation and routine related aspects for the Branches.  
• Assist in ensuring compliance of security documents are in line with the provisions of the respective facility letter.

Key Responsibilities
• Checks security documents in terms of the facility letter.
• Preparation of Form 23184 accurately within turnaround times, in terms of the facility letter and other legal requirements, whilst maintaining excellent service to internal customers.
• Validation of Supporting Documents
• Any other duty that may be assigned from time to time.

Performance Measure
• Validation of security documents  are to be 100% accurate

• Check  and verifies details on collateral preparation form and checks sanction/corresponding authority from Credit
• Prepare credit forms accurately within turnaround times.
• Follow up on queries pending with respect to issues raised on facility letter and supporting security documents within an acceptable timeframe.
• Fill out drawdown tracker
• Enter security documents provided in the vault in register for vaulting in

• Provides report on facility letters and security documents that have been pending and unsettled.


Manager, Outsourced Services

Position Description

This is a challenging opportunity for a staff who desire career growth in Human Resources. The purpose of the job is to support the Bank in managing all its Outsourced/Contract Staff Complement. It is designed to provide high quality support and introduce initiatives, which influence sustainable employee wellness.

Key Accountabilities/KRA
• To provide a support platform for the recruitment, selection, on-boarding and deployment of non-FTEs, vendor outsourced staff, Market Sales Agents (MSAs), Direct Sales Agents (DSAs) and direct contract staff
• Articulate the non FTE model on behalf of Stanbic IBTC and drive the optimal deployment of this model.
• Design and maintain MIS dashboards on the management of non FTEs
• Management of vendors to drive exceptional vendor management, behaviours and ownership for outsourced staff
• Provide support in articulating and implementing a Non Full Time Employer Branding Campaign. 
• General coaching and development of business in respect of people management competencies 
• Processing / structuring of remuneration / appointments within acceptable norms 
• Address  Non Full Time staff attraction and retention rates to minimise vacancy factor 
• Provide support to L & D IRO effective planning / co-ordination of training schedule 
• Manage / consult in respect of key HR Financial ratios 
• Provide adequate support to projects and Change Management

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