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May 25, 2015


Medical Research Council Unit (MRC)

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Junior Database Developer At Medical Research Council Unit (MRC)

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The MRC Unit, The Gambia is undertaking a randomised clinical trial that will examine the effects of administering a pneumococcal-conjugate vaccine either to expectant mothers at between 28 and 34 weeks gestation, or to newborn infants, shortly following birth, on pneumococcal carriage (as a surrogate of pneumococcal disease) in early life. The two groups will be compared to the routine 2, 3 and 4 month infant schedule currently recommended by WHO and used in The Gambia. As well as assessing pneumococcal carriage and the immunogenicity of the vaccines (including transplacental and breast milk antibody transfer), safety follow-up of both mothers during pregnancy and also their newborn infants will be central component of the trial.

Junior Database Developer 

Essential requirements:

  • University Degree in Computer Science or considerable relevant experience.
  • Experience of programming and database system analysis and design.
  • Experience of database design and data normalization.
  • Familiar with different RDBMS such as MS Access, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc.
  • Knowledge of writing stored procedures, triggers and database functions.
  • Knowledge of client-server application design and development.
  • Data access using DAO, ADO, ADO.NET, ODBC.



  • Experience of using VBA, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C# and .NET framework.
  • An ability to troubleshoot and resolve database application related problems.
  • Experience of working as a team leader at least for a small group.
  • Knowledge/experience of agile and waterfall methodology for design and development.
  • Experience/knowledge of design and development of mobile application for data collection.
  • Knowledge of EAV data model and applications such as OpenClinica.
  • Experience/Knowledge of distributed database application design.
  • Experience/knowledge of using SharePoint/
  • Some knowledge of installing and resolving issues of open source database applications.
  • Some knowledge of Java.

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