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Jun 12, 2015


International Organization For Migration

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Latest Recruitment At International Organization For Migration

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Duration: 20 Working Days

Location: Nigeria

Terms of Reference

Background and Rationale

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Nigeria is currently implementing the European Union funded project “Promoting Better Management of Migration in Nigeria”.The overall objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of the Government of Nigeria to manage migration in order to maximize its development potential. The specific objectives are to improve the governance of migration through the use of evidence-based instruments, strengthen national capacity to manage organized labour migration, mobilize diaspora for national development and to strengthen national capacity to deter irregular migration.

Migration data is collected from three main sources – censuses, surveys and administrative data. Administrative data from government agencies is the main source of migration data in Nigeria. The National Population Commission and Nigeria Immigration Service routinely administer and manage the entry and exit migration cards to travellers at the port of entry or departure in Nigeria. However, due to limited funds these cards are only collected and are not processed on a regular basis.

In effect, there exists a critical gap in the availability of migration data which reveals the trends and patterns of migration in and from Nigeria. About 30 million backlogs of unprocessed cards are housed at various data processing centers of National Population Commission. The task involves working with Nigeria Immigration Service and National Population Commission to process migration cards for the publication of migration statistics. The National Bureau of Statistics as the apex statistical office will ensure the archival of Migration data.

Data entry approach is taken as the preferred methodology to collect and analyze the backlog of immigration data. The selection of samples, from the backlog population of cards to be processed will be based on the use of appropriate sampling methodology. The successful consultant or consulting firm will provide technical support and build the capacity of National Population Commission and ad hoc who will be involved in processing and analysis of immigration cards domiciled in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt. Specifically, data entry will be done at the data processing centers in Lagos and Kano while data processing and analysis will be done at the data processing laboratory in Abuja.

General Objective

The overall objective of the consultancy is to generate various migration tables and cross tables from the analyzed immigration cards, which will be used to produce Migration Statistics Report.

Scope of Work

a. Consultations with International Organization for Migration, National Population Commission and Nigeria Immigration Service to discuss milestones and deliverables;

b. Develop data capture templates for the Immigration Cards using appropriate software preferably CSPro;

c. Develop appropriate sampling methodology;

d. Develop software scripts data conversion, verification, editing, export and storage;

e. Mentor and conduct training for Programmers, Data Entry Operators and Editors/Verifiers;

f. Install relevant software to enhance the data processing of Immigrations Cards;

g. Develop User Manuals for all levels of users including data entry operators, editors and verifiers;

h. Ensure that fuelling at the Kano, Lagos and Abuja DPCs are optimally done;

i. Develop interim and final reports of the activities performed.

N/B: The Consultant or Consulting Firm is strongly encouraged to suggest his/her own approaches and methodologies, the above suggested methods are only indicative.

Services to be Provided:

The Consultant or Consulting Firm will provide the following technical Services:

  1. Own the overall process of training, data entry, editing, verification and tabulation of data;
  2. Support National Population Commission in installation and relevant Software preferably CSPro and other peripherals required for the smooth operation of the data entry and analysis process;
  3. Develop and ensure that appropriate sampling method is use to select required samples of card from the card population;
  4. Ensure Immigration Cards are sorted, batched and prepared before data entry;
  5. Perform installation of appropriate software and hardware in each Data Processing Centre that will ensure efficient data entry, analysis and storage;
  6. Develop necessary scripts to create templates for the different sizes of the Immigration Cards and generate data from all fields/data items on the Immigration Cards;
  7. Perform installation of appropriate software on the Computer Server and Workstations in Abuja Office for an efficient data recognition, editing, verification, conversion and storage;
  8. Liaise with ICT Technical staff of National Population Commission on the various cleaning/editing/verification stages and steps; data and file formats and structures should be streamlined to agree with relevant outputs;
  9. Create a client/server network work group at the data processing laboratory at NPopC Abuja;
  10. Provide technical training to 20 National Population Commission staff on System Administration, Editing/Verification, data conversion, storage and data exporting to SPSS/CSPro/Excel;
  11. Work with staff of National Population Commission to develop tabulation plan and edit spec for the output data; and perform data validation operations on the output data;
  12. Perform necessary tabulations and cross tabulations and generate appropriate migration tables;
  13. Provide relevant user manuals for the different levels of the scanning, editing, data conversion and verification processes.


a. Generate appropriate tables and cross tables from the output data -, edited, verified and validated data as may be specified by NPopC;

b. Provide user manuals for the data entry, editing, data conversion, data export to SPSS/Excel processes and for all levels of users;

c. Train at least staff of NPopC and ad hoc staff that would be recruited on the use of the recommended CSPro software, System Administration, Editing/Verification, data conversion, storage and data exporting to SPSS/ Excel;

d. Provide output data from the entered immigration cards;

e. Provide an effective software system and methodology for the smooth data capture, editing, verification, conversion, storage and management of backlog of Immigration Cards in Lagos, Kano and Abuja Data Processing Centres;

f. Develop inception report and final consultancy report.


The consultancy is for a period of Twenty (20) working days. The Consultant will be expected to provide ongoing support to the National Population Commission for up to sixty (60) working days.

Management and Supervision

Management and supervision of progress and activities under this consultancy shall be carried out by the International Organization for Migration in conjunction with National Population Commission.

Qualification and Competencies

  • Advanced degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Statistics, Demography or other relevant field. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in data management, CSPro/VB/ programming (samples of databases and instruction manuals developed should be provided on request)
  • Excellent knowledge of SPSS/STATA/EPI INFO
  • Experience in writing database design documentation and instruction manuals.
  • Good communications and writing skills
  • Ability to work with both minimal supervision and in a collaborative team work environment
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

How to apply:

Method of Application:

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to submit their applications to email address 

In order for the applications to be considered valid, IOM only accepts applications with Curriculum Vitae (CV), atleast one recommendation letter and a Cover letter not more than one page specifying the motivation for application, addressed to The Chief of Mission, International Organization for Migration (IOM)and with a subject line Consultancy Services to Support National Population Commission (NPopC) to Adapt a Data Entry Methodology to Collect And Analyze Migration Data.

All applications should include a functional e-mail address and mobile number (s). Please note that only applications sent by email will be accepted and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Candidates are also expected to propose a daily rate for consultancy fee which should be verifiable

Year of Experience

5-10 year


Date Available

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