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Oct 09, 2019


Care International

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Transition Manager At CARE International

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CARE International is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to saving lives and ending poverty. We work in over 94 countries around the world to provide over 1000 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects.

Transition Manager (TM)


In order to pursue its mission and maximize impact on poverty and social justice, CARE is reconsidering its role in Nigeria to ensure it remains relevant, legitimate and impactful as possible as we look to the future, building on the string experience, innovative models and approaches already in place. This includes developing a new business model and developing new ways of working in Nigeria.

The role of the Transition Manager (TM) is to work closely with the Regional Director for CARE in West Africa and the Country Director for CARE in Nigeria, as well as a small Steering Committee from CARE International, to lead the organizational transformation process for developing a new model for CARE’s engagement in Nigeria.  The position reports to the Country Director and works closely with the CARE Nigeria Senior Management Team (SMT).  S/he will be involved in the considerable work related to designing a changing identity, strategy, and business model, and subsequently guiding overall organizational change management components of the transformation. The role will include responsibility for overseeing the development of an innovative future model, to propose for CI Steering Committee endorsement, and then developing a Business Case and plan for how to set up CARE’s engagement in Nigeria for the future.   If the Business Case and Plan is endorsed and invested in, s/he will lead on critical change activities to ensure coherence and movement in line with defined Business Planning milestones, monitoring progress and capturing learning.

A core part of the job will be focused on facilitating meaningful engagement and participation of key stakeholders (including CARE staff) in the change process, communicating and influencing key stakeholders across CARE International to understand and engage with the change directions, and most critically ensuring the engagement, input and perspectives of local partners and actors are regularly informing and influencing changes.   This will include a role in setting up an advisory board to guide the process, with the potential for transitioning into a governance body in the future.

The TM will report directly to the Regional and Country Director, with oversight from a CI Steering Committee, and will work in close coordination with key internal and external stakeholders.


Manage the Business Planning process, culminating to a transition plan and process, coordinating the efforts of various relevant teams to move forward detailed transition steps.

  • Support the design of a new role, model and value proposition for CARE in Nigeria for the future. Upon the endorsement of that new model by the steering committee, develop a related business case for it and a plan for how to build it with the required investment to do so.
  • Oversee the implementation of CARE in Nigeria Business Planning (BP) process as set forth in the BP Guidelines.
  • Coordinate the development of all related change management implementation plans and budgets within the framework outlined in the Business Plan
  • Contribute to development and promotion of the value proposition for CARE Nigeria transformation.
  • Flag areas for potential links/accompaniment/support from within CARE and those requiring external support.
  • Define the TOR and format for developing the transition Business Plan and manage the procurement process for a contractor to undertake the BP.
  • Work closely with the selected contractor in developing a robust Business Plan.
  • Promote effective change leadership throughout CARE and contribute to refocusing the organization on achievement of the transition milestones.
  • Closely coordinate with CARE Nigeria Resource Mobilization and Communication Team and contribute to development and implementation of the resource mobilization strategy, fundraising targets and timeline.

      % of Time: 35%

Focus on staff engagement processes, internal communications and modeling behaviors consistent with the culture CARE Nigeria seeks to build.

  • Have a clear consistent approach to and eye on how the transition is communicated, how staff are engaged and have opportunities for participation.
  • Develop a standard set of talking points for various constituencies – including staff, partners, donors and CMPs. 
  • Develops a learning agenda/framework that accompanies the transition process and the expenditures of the budget. This will be done in consultation with relevant stakeholders.
  • Updates communications materials on a regular basis in consultation with SSC.
  • Organize and facilitate regular monthly meetings to assure high levels of staff engagement, awareness and contribution of all staff towards the planned organizational transition.
  • Take lead responsibility in identifying relevant competencies and skill sets and organize tailored capacity building measures to address the gaps.
  • Set up online platform or portal for staff to feed in ideas, share comments and concerns.

                % of Time: 20%

Develop and enhance relationships, partnership and networks with CI and external organizations. Capture and disseminate lessons learned

  • Closely engage with, update and seek guidance from the CI Steering Committee, ensuring alignment of CARE Nigeria new business model with CARE International goals and objectives.
  • Liaise with and draw on learning from the South-South cooperation and exchange platform in CARE.
  • Lead development and monitoring of the transition process and organizational health indicators.
  • Contribute to rebranding CARE Nigeria across CARE International. Ensure that CARE International Members receive regular communications and reports and are aware of changes going on at CARE Nigeria.
  • Lead positioning CARE Nigeria externally – be ambassador and representative, support ‘marketing’ the new brand.
  • Maintain a good understanding of the market that CARE Nigeria is operating in, looking at stakeholders and development sectors demand and needs, other service providers in the country and the funding climate.
  • Invest in, learn from and scale up pilots/new models and forms of collaboration in a coherent way.
  • Lead the development of a learning agenda that builds on learning from other business model transformation experiences in CARE (Sri Lanka, Caucuses, Egypt, Peru, etc), identifies critical knowledge gaps, design and coordinate the implementation of the process/ activities to answer them
  • Identify and flag potential gaps or course corrects for the CD and SMT attention and adaptation.
  • Facilitate orientation meetings and information sharing events with staff and external stakeholders about status of the transition process and lessons learned.

               % of Time: 35%

PROBLEM SOLVING (Thinking Environment)

Why things are done is known, but what has to be done and how to do it are not defined.  Situations are variable and the incumbent’s response will involve analysis, problem definition, development of alternatives, and making recommendations.  He or she will face and address problems that are typically non-recurring.




  • Advanced degree in a related field – international development, public administration, social sciences or equivalent.


  • Bachelors degree (master is preferred) in a related field, including business administration, education, economics or health.



  • 2 years managing partner and collaborative relationships
  • 2 years managing donor relationships


  • Experience in strategic planning processes, including facilitation
  • Experience in program design



  • Excellent ability to read, write proposals/plans/reports, develop strategy, write business correspondence and procedure manuals.
  • Financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting required investments
  • Demonstrated effective organizational skills, communication skills, both written and verbal, and problem solving abilities.
  • Group/workshop facilitation skills
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from internal management. 
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Strong computer skills in MS Office applications


  • Good communication in other languages such as French.


  • Demonstrated capacity to network, engage with a range of diverse external actors and attract collaborators
  • Attention to details with respect to big picture (transformation)
  • Creativity, innovation, thinking outside the box
  • Communication with impact
  • Team working, ability to motivate others and interpersonal skills
  • Facilitation of conversations among diverse participant
  • Building Relationships across work units
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Strategic Decision Making


Internal: CD. SMT members, RD, Presence Review Steering Committee

External: CARE USA, CMPs, CARE International, donor representatives, local authorities, representatives of INGOs and LNGOs


The TM will be based in Abuja with some travel arrangements when required.

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