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Aug 03, 2020


Solidarités International

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Solidarites International (SI) Job Recruitment (3 Positions)

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Solidarites International (SI) is a French humanitarian organization which provides aid and assistance to victims of war or natural disaster. For over 38 years the association has focused on meeting three vital needs - water, food and shelter. Currently present in Nigeria since 2016, SI carries out emergency / post-emergency programs in WASH sector in North East region.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Administrative Manager

Location: Maiduguri Base, Borno

Goal / Purpose

  • Under the supervision of the Fin/HR coordinator, the administrator carries out administrative, accounting and financial management of his/her base, in compliance with donor and SOLIDARITES International
  • He/she supervises accounting operations and cash management, and carries out budget follow up in conjunction with the program managers.
  • He/she is also one of those charged with ensuring that SolidaritĂ©s International’s Human Resources policy is properly implemented at the base.
  • He supports monitors and trains the members of his administrative team.

Main Tasks
Administrative Management of Personnel:

  • Assist in welcoming and integrating new personnel, ensure they receive administrative briefing
  • Supervise the collection of elements needed to establish wages and monitor their proper implementation
  • Calculate taxes, complete returns and make statements and payments to the necessary organizations
  • Assist in defining and applying SolidaritĂ©s International’s salary and social policies
  • Evaluate risks linked to changes in compensation and social policies
  • Oversee the setting up of legal representation and consultation bodies for personnel at his / her base, and assist in conflict management and resolution
  • Conduct meetings and communication with personnel
  • Track the cost of living
  • Update the mission organization chart
  • Assist in welcoming and integrating new personnel, ensure they receive administrative briefing
  • Supervise the administrative management of personnel recruitment and hiring at his/her base
  • Supervise the archiving, handling and security of SolidaritĂ©s International personnel files
  • Draft employment contracts for employees at his/her base, and ensure that they are adhered to
  • Ensure that performance reviews are carried out according to defined procedure, and monitor the professional development of personnel Centralise training requests from teams and set up a training plan
  • Assist in ordering and determining disciplinary measures
  • Apply the formalities provided for sanctions and for termination or breach of contract

Team Management:

  • Plan and direct the activities of the administrative team
  • Lead meetings for the administrative team
  • Define the needs of administrative personnel at his/her base, and recruit according to the resources allocated
  • Train, support and evaluate the administrative team at his/her assignment base.

Cash-flow / Bookkeeping:

  • Maintain account keeping at his/her base, monitor cash balances
  • Maintain bank books for his/her base and keep the safe
  • Prepare and supervise the monthly closing, review and integration of the accounting for his/her base
  • Verify the accounting files before they are sent to coordination
  • Manage his/her base’s cash-flow and ensure that banks and cash boxes are well supplied
  • Manage transfers and monitor the security of funds
  • Formulate cash-flow forecasts with the logistics officer and the program managers
  • Supervise the upkeep and security of safes and cash-boxes
  • Ensure accounting archiving (both digital & hard copy) according to SI accounting procedure.

Budgetary / Financial Monitoring:

  • Monitor functioning costs at his/her assignment base
  • Oversee adherence to donor administrative procedures
  • Aid the administrative coordinator in formulating financial reports and carrying out audits
  • Assist in formulating budgets for new projects
  • Update allocation boards for his/her base
  • Update and analyze Monthly budget follow up in conjunction with logistic and program teams
  • Make connections between budgetary consumption and activity progress
  • Propose solutions if necessary
  • Administrative management of the mission:
  • Assist in selecting SolidaritĂ©s International premises
  • Ensure administrative monitoring of insurance locations, claims and contracts
  • Verify and validate all contracts drafted at the base.

Reporting / Communication:

  • Supervise the sending of administrative files to coordination
  • Ensure administrative and financial reports are made to the coordination according to the SolidaritĂ©s administrative calendar
  • Establish and maintain relationships with local and regional administrative authorities, monitor regulations in force
  • Take part in meetings relating to administrative aspects, represent SolidaritĂ©s International on request and/or by order.


  • Professional experience: 3 years of experience in similar position (NGO/Private or Public sector) and 2 years of progressive experience in an INGO
  • Training / Education: B.Sc. in Finance, Economics, Business Administration or related Degrees
  • Languages: English compulsory (Hausa / Kanuri - Added Advantage)
  • Admin related skills: good knowledge of the project cycle, budget follow-up, recruitment, payroll, etc.
  • IT skills: Good knowledge of Office software: Saga, Homere, Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point.
  • Personal qualities: rigorous, organized, able to manage important workload, good learning capacity, good communication, reactive, team spirit, good written and analyses capacities, resistance to stress.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Logistics Assistant

Location: Maiduguri, Borno


  • The Logistics Assistant supports the Field Coordinator in implementing and supervising all logistical activities at his/her assigned base. In particular, he/she lends support to carrying out urgent activities, base stock management, procurement follow-up, day to day management of watchmen/ladies, filing and archiving logistical documents.

Follow up of supplies:

  • Receive and check all Internal Order Forms originating from Maiduguri base and forward same for validation according to the mission’s Table of Signatories
  • Update base IOF follow up and share same with base team
  • Provide feedback to base team on all procurement requests
  • Follow-up the regular supply of fuel to office and guest house for generators’ consumption
  • Ensure quality check upon receipt of all supplies/services/work

Follow up of vehicle fleet:

  • Liaise with the Field Coordinator to plan the base fleet needs
  • Raise and submit vehicle IOF to for validation on behalf of Maiduguri base
  • Draw up and submit weekly vehicle movement request to coordination
  • Ensure that all administrative documentations are always available on the assigned fleet for Maiduguri base
  • Ensure that all IPC related materials are available on the fleet at all times

Management of assets:

  • Support Field Coordinator define base asset needs
  • Ensure the maintenance and correct use of IT equipment
  • Update asset responsibility follow up for Maiduguri base
  • Update Maiduguri Base Pack statement
  • Follow and ensure data backup of all laptops for Maiduguri base
  • Liaise with IT responsible to ensure access to SI’s ICT infrastructure by all concerned users

Management of supplies (Stock):

  • Manage base stock according to SI’s stock management procedures
  • Carry out monthly stock inventory and update the Maiduguri base stock report
  • Ensure proper tracking of generator fuel stock

Human resource management:

  • Daily management of all watchmen/ladies in Maiduguri assigned at SI’s Guest house and office
  • Generate schedules monthly working schedules for all watchmen/ladies
  • Ensure that watchmen/ladies are properly tracking movements in and out of SI’s premises
  • Ensure that Watchmen/ladies are implementing IPC control measures at all SI’s premises
  • Ensure that adequate safety equipment and needed PPEs are available at all times for use by watchmen/ladies


  • Monthly Submission of Maiduguri base Park Statement to IT Responsible
  • Monthly submission of Maiduguri base responsibility follow-up to IT Responsible
  • Monthly submission of updated stock report to coordination Supply Manager
  • Monthly laptop backup report


  • Training/Education: B.Sc. Supply, Social Science, Economics, Business Administration or related degrees
  • Professional experience: 2 years of experience in similar position (NGO/Private or Public sector) and 1 year of progressive experience in an INGO
  • Languages: English compulsory (Hausa/Kanuri – Added Advantage)
  • Logistics related skills: good knowledge of Supply chain, fleet management, store management, purchase, etc.
  • IT skills: Good knowledge of Office software:Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point.
  • Personal qualities: rigorous, organized, able to manage important workload, good learning capacity, good communication, reactive, team spirit, good written and analyses capacities, resistance to stress.

Job Title: WASH Program Manager

Location: Maiduguri, Borno

Description of the Position

  • The Wash Program Manager is in charge of implementing and achieving the objectives defined in the proposals.
  • He/she is in charge of supervising the operational teams allocated to his/her program.
  • He/she guarantees the proper execution and the quality of the implemented program and, if applicable, suggests adjustments or developments to ensure its relevance.

Main Tasks
Project relevance, quality and design:

  • Contribute to establishing assessments
  • Contribute to define SolidaritĂ©s International’s local strategy and contribute to the annual programming by proposing new activities
  • Organize and facilitate evaluation missions
  • Propose a technical approach and a financial, human and logistical scope for the programs to be implemented
  • Write the technical annexes and chapters (including the logical framework) for the proposals
  • Implement activities in compliance with the annual operational strategy, SolidaritĂ©s International’s technical requirements and the financial donors’ criteria
  • Evaluate the relevance of the activities carried out, as well as the effectiveness of the interventions and their appropriateness with respect to contextual developments and the populations’ needs
  • Propose adjustments to the programs, if necessary
  • Ensure that the programs under his/her supervision achieve the required results
  • Ensure that program objectives meet sustainability requirements and, if required, compliance with established norms and standards
  • Participate in building the WASH teams’ abilities with respect to techniques or new methodologies

Implementation and Operational Monitoring:

  • Plan activities and activity cycles for WASH (hiring, purchasing, etc.) in the light of established objectives
  • Used the project management, monitoring and evaluation tools for WASH, particularly the planning and monitoring timeline
  • Propose and implement quality criteria and monitoring indicators for WASH program
  • Support and advise to the base’s logistical department for the purchase of specific materials for WASH activities
  • Plan and supervise the WASH program implementation he/she is in charge of, being sure to meet deadlines and adhere to predefined technical specifications
  • Supervise and provide support for the WASH managers; monitor and evaluate the implemented WASH activities
  • Anticipate any issues linked to carrying out the WASH activities and help to resolve any problems related to the WASH activities
  • Suggest any adjustments to be made to the WASH activity depending on contextual and indicator developments
  • Working with the administrative department, contribute to developing budgets relative to his/her program and monitor expenses and budget forecasts
  • Working with given project manager, draw up requirement statuses and cash flow needs Regularly visit SolidaritĂ©s International’s intervention sites


  • Use the capitalization tools proposed by SolidaritĂ©s International
  • Participate in the centralization and distribution of procedures, guides and tools linked to the WASH activities
  • Capitalize on intervention methods and techniques and on the experiences acquired by SolidaritĂ©s and other participants in the WASH activities
  • Write procurement and handover reports before the end of his/her contract and send it to the appropriate persons on the mission and at headquarters

Personnel Management:

  • Participate in validating the hiring of national technical staff for activities
  • Define the prerequisites for opened WASH positions together with the administrative department; adapt existing job descriptions if required
  • Greet and brief the expatriates working on the program
  • Identify and pass on any training needs for WASH teams
  • Set up technical training depending on WASH operational needs and identify training requirements
  • Manage and support the team under his/her responsibility
  • Lead work groups and thematic meetings
  • Evaluate and assess the performance of colleagues under his/her direct supervision
  • Ensure adherence to security regulations by personnel under his/her supervision

Reporting / Communication / Representation:

  • Pass upward to the relevant persons any information on the security situation or on any event that could impact SolidaritĂ©s activities and the safety of the teams
  • Draft activity reports and any annexes relating to specific activities for the financial donor reports and/or amendments
  • Ensure that all reports are delivered on time and in the correct format
  • Maintain a local operational communications network and good relations with local and government authorities, financial donor representatives, UN agencies and other international agencies
  • In his/her assignment area, represent SolidaritĂ©s International’s at meetings or forums concerning the WASH activities
  • Represent the organization when asked and/or delegated to do so
  • Reply to headquarter information requests regarding specific needs
  • In collaboration with the WASH /program coordinator, prepare the administrative documents (MOU, handover, etc.) to be jointly signed with government authorities, communities or partners


  • Training/Education: B.Sc. / HND Civil Engineering, Building technology, Architecture or related degrees
  • Professional experience: 2 year of experience in similar position (NGO/Private or Public sector) and 1 year of progressive experience in an INGO
  • Languages: English compulsory (Hausa/Kanuri – Added Advantage)
  • Project related skills: good knowledge of the project cycle, project implementation, project follow-up
  • IT skills: Good knowledge of Office software: Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Data collection and analysis software
  • Personal qualities: rigorous, organized, able to manage important workload, good learning capacity, good communication, reactive, team spirit, good written and analyses capacities, resistance to stress.

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9th August, 2020.
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