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Apr 27, 2015


Kirby Building Systems

Job Title

Sales Support Engineer Kirby Building Systems

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"Kirby Building Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of pre-engineered steel buildings and structures, offering customers a wide range of customized, cost-effective pre-engineered steel solutions. With manufacturing plants in Kuwait, UAE, India and Vietnam, our production capacity exceeds 400,000 MT, allowing our state-of-the-art facilities to produce hundreds of custom-made steel buildings every year. 

We offer a wide range of steel solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs including pre-engineering steel buildings, storage solutions/industrial racking systems, and broad array of structural steel products that cover applications in major market segments including oil and gas, heavy industry, infrastructure, high-rise buildings, warehouse, factories and leisure structures. 

Our commitment to excellence provides unmatched product quality, coupled with speed, safety and superior sales services."

 Sales Support Engineer

Job description

Sales Support Engineer assist the sales team in Promoting and Selling Kirby products to new / repeated customers. 
• Receive customers inquiry for bidding, study it, prepare QRF& sketches and communicate with engineering / estimation department to get it priced 
• Prepare the offer and follow up technical issues with customers 
• Communicate with Kirby management ( Sending DAF / E-mails) after consulting his ASM to get further discount on selling price -if needed- and any special approval on delivery / payment terms / any other non standard terms. 
• Prepare all entry documents for the new orders, review with ASM and send to PMG/Credit 
• Follow up with PMG / Credit Engineering / and all other departments -if needed- to ensure releasing the job for production and shipment after getting necessary approvals from Kirby’s customer. 
• Provide after sales services to Kirby customers until the buildings are completely erected.

Desired Skills and Experience

• Bachelor in Engineering 
• 2-3 years experience in Engineering applications (Design / Construction). 
• Additional experience in Design of PEB is mandatory

Year of Experience

1-3 year


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