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May 01, 2015



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Mel Group recruiting for a Construction Company

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Construction company with international projects is looking for a Mechanical Caterpillar machines in Nigeria.

Caterpillar Machinery Mechanic


Check parts catalogs, respecting the series, the model and the arrangement of the equipment to be recovered, in order to relate and request replacement parts to the store or shopping industry upon application approved by the Head of maintenance;- Apply tests in conjunction with engine, transmission, etc.. Of machines and equipment, using specific devices, in order to place them within the standards specific operation and aid in the detection of defects;- Identify the most common defects in machines, verifying spills, cracks, noise and losses, analyzing the presence and origin of shavings or chips, to carry out the necessary corrections;- Installing and removing faulty components of machines, with the help of manuals, using appropriate tools, measuring wear appropriate instruments, analyzing the need for replacement or repair of damaged parts, such as links, retainers, gaskets, hoses, bearings, gears, etc.., in order to proceed with the necessary repairs;- Request the sectors of Manufacturing and Welding making and recovery of parts for use in equipment, discussing the specifics, sizes and materials to be used, in order to meet the urgent needs of equipment release;- Measure parts that require dimensional control, new and used, using precision instruments, to ensure that the assembly is done within the manufacturers specifications;- Inspect components and find potential problems and correct before they manifest or recur;- Ask eventually to soldering, repair parts, using processes of filling and / or welding;- Regular machine components, apparatus using specific tests in order to detect faults and verify the use thereof within specified operating standards;- Run assembly services sets of machines, after receipt of spare parts, following the manufacturer's service manual, verifying the specifications in terms of regulation and rotation of screws, taking care with cleaning and using the tools and appropriate instruments, so that they remain within the standards of operation;- Removing and rolling stock equipment, making the change of bearings, shovels and wheel segments matrix when they are damaged, checking and correcting alignment gaps and guide wheel, to keep them in perfect working order;- Remove wheels of machinery and equipment, checking and changing nuts, damaged bearings and retainers, mounted then reloading the bearings to keep them in perfect condition;- Coordinate the activities of the assistants, teaching technical services to execute and the function of each component part in order to facilitate the memorization of teaching, training new mechanics to the Company;- Study manuals and catalogs of equipment, in order to have performance conditions any and all services required for the operation of machinery;

Qualifications :     

Superior Training Cycle Knowledge: Maintenance applicable to various makes and models of machines; Strength of materials; Operation of the instrument panel of the equipment; Knowledge of measurement standards / specifications. A must have a level of English medium. Physical Fitness; Mindfulness; Interpersonal Relationship; Teamwork

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