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May 06, 2015


African Development Bank Group (AfDB)

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New Jobs At The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) - 2 Positions

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The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) is a multilateral development finance institution established to contribute to the economic development and social progress of African countries. The AfDB was founded in 1964 and comprises three entities: The African Development Bank, the African Development Fund and the Nigeria Trust Fund.

Compliance Officer in charge of Information, Outreach and Knowledge Management


The Compliance Review and Mediation Unit (CRMU) is the entity of the African Development Bank Group (Bank Group) that administers the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM). The IRM is a recourse system of the AfDB whose mandate is to deal with complaints received from people who are or likely to be adversely affected by any of the projects financed by the Bank Group.   The IRM handles complaints through either the verification of the Bankí compliance with its own policies (compliance review) or/and problem-solving, in line with its Operating Rules and Procedures. In addition, the IRM has an advisory function aimed at reinforcing institutional knowledge on issues of compliance review and problem-solving.

Besides regular staff who are responsible for supporting the Director in handling complaints through problem-solving, CRMU administers a Roster of Experts. The IRM Experts constitute Compliance Review Panels which investigate the alleged non-compliance with the policies and procedures of the Bank Group.

In 2010 and 2015, the Boards of Directors of the Bank Group approved the amended IRM Rules and Procedures. Accordingly, CRMU has been mandated to undertake outreach activities in the Bankís Regional Member Countries (RMCs) and to provide advisory service to the Bank on the issues of compliance review and problem solving. The main objective of the outreach is to raise awareness of project stakeholders about the mandate and procedures of the IRM. The stakeholders included local communities, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), government agencies, project implementation units and private sector companies. The advisory function is intended to develop institutional learning.

Duties and responsibilities

A performing IRM requires an effective and efficient approach to information, data and knowledge management and robust outreach and communication towards stakeholders, particularly project affected communities. The Compliance Officer in charge of Information, Outreach and Knowledge Management will report directly to the Directors of CRMU, but shall also assist the IRM Experts when conducting Compliance Reviews and other CRMU staff members in their specialized field of expertise. Under the general supervision of the Director, the incumbent will:

Knowledge Management

  • Assist the Director of CRMU in identifying knowledge development, outreach, information, and communication needs of CRMU and develop and document appropriate strategies, tools and products;
  • Cooperate and coordinate with other multilateral development banks, and financing institutions with similar independent review mechanism, including gathering compliance review and problem solving reports, information about their outreach activities, tools, strategies and their performance review processes;
  • Coordinate the advisory and knowledge development activities and mainstream lessons learnt in CRMU strategies and programs.


  • Support CRMU staff in undertaking outreach activities to sensitize Bankís staff and field offices, project affected people, civil society organizations, project implementation units and private sector players on the mandate and role of the Independent Review Mechanism;
  • Participate in problem-solving, compliance review and advisory activities as appropriate, including providing support to the drafting and proof-reading compliance review reports, problem-solving reports and advisory notes.

Information, Communication and Publications

  • Prepare and disseminate information materials and other publications on the IRM/CRMU;
  • Liaise with the Bank Communication Department to ensure coverage of CRMU activities;  
  • Conduct surveys on the performance, standing, views and assessment of the CRMU;
  • Coordinate preparation and dissemination of IRM annual report, newsletter, other information, communication and outreach products and publications;  
  • Familiarize him/herself with, and collect information on the Bank groupís project documents, policies, strategies, procedures and guidelines, relevant for use by the IRM/CRMU when screening Requests and undertaking Compliance Review and Problem-solving/Mediation exercises and advisory services, particularly those relating to environment and social issues;
  • Edit/proofread all materials produced by CRMU, including documents submitted to the Boards of Directors and the President and draft reports prepared by the IRM Experts.

Data Base Management

  • Maintain and update CRMU databases for internal and external outreach activities;
  • Prepare compendium, and conduct regular updates of Bank Group policies, strategies, procedures, guidelines and project documents relevant for use by CRMU/IRM;
  • Compile and update the list of Relevant CRMU contacts, the CRMU databases of civil society organizations, consultants, African specialists/professionals in problem solving, compliance review and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Manage the IRM Register of Requests/ Complaints.


  • Manage and update regularly the AfDB/IRM web site, in consultation with the Communication Department of the Bank.
  • CRMU is a small unit and it is expected that the Compliance Officer in charge of Information, Outreach and Knowledge Management may be called upon by Director to take part in    other activities, not related to the special field of the officer.

Selection Criteria

Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience

  • At least a Masterís or equivalent degree in knowledge and data Management, information, communication, ICT or relevant disciplines;
  • A minimum of five (5) yearsí progressive relevant experience in Outreach, Communication, Information, Knowledge and Data Management in the development sector;
  • Knowledge of the objectives and functions of Multilateral Development Banks and financing institutions;
  • Experience in providing strategic advice;
  • Excellent analytical and decision-making skills;
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently, with a minimum supervision;
  • Excellent coordination and interpersonal skills;
  • Good problem solving and conflict resolution skills;
  • Ability to build effective working relations and professional networks with clients and colleagues in a multi-cultural and diverse environment;
  • Excellent oral and writing communication skills in English and/or French with a working knowledge of the other language;
  • Ability to carry out effective dialogue with stakeholders including local communities, government officials, civil societies and Bank staff;
  • Competence in the use of databases, ICT, including the use of Standard Microsoft Software (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint);
  • Must be a citizen of a member country of the African Development Bank Group.



Principal Cooperation Officer, FRMB


The Resource Mobilization and External Finance Department (FRMB) is responsible for the strategic resource mobilization and the leveraging of the financial resources and instruments of the African Development Bank Group. The departmentís role is to increase the pool and types of funding available to the Bankís Regional Member Countries, particularly for transformative projects. FRMB plays an intermediation role to help align the needs of recipients, the Bank Groupís institutional priorities in line with the Bankís Ten-year strategy, as well as those of its development partners through a variety of funding instruments. FRMB is also involved in outreach activities, dissemination of information to Bank staff, and participates in international development fora. It achieves its mission by mobilizing resources from, and leveraging partnerships with, sovereign and non-sovereign entities.

FRMB consists of 2 divisions. FRMB.1 is responsible for fund raising initiatives and partnerships with sovereign entities, including the replenishment of the African Development Fund (ADF and technical cooperation with bilateral donors. It also coordinates the Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA), the allocation process of ADF resources among beneficiary countries, and monitors their use in accordance with the relevant ADF policies and guidelines. FRMB.2 is responsible for fund raising initiatives and partnerships with traditional and emerging donors, and non-sovereign entities. The division is also in charge of the relationships with non-sovereign entities and institutional investors, including commercial banks, foundations and philanthropies.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Help coordinate resource mobilization through co-financing, trust funds, special initiatives and any other innovative partnership mechanisms; while also promoting the utilization of mobilized resources by user Departments, monitoring their disbursement, and preparing progress reports/financial reports to the respective Donors and to senior management;
  • Manage relationships with existing donors effectively and with a measure of proactivity, and convey a global view of the Bankís operations and key priorities for funding;  
  • Propose new strategic partnerships with a variety of donors in light of the TYS and operational priorities of the Bank;
  • Organize business development and strategic initiatives consultations and meetings with key sovereign partners; and effectively monitor the implementation progress of any existing or new partnership agreements formalized with those partners;    
  • Organize high-level partnerships events and forums, including Business Opportunity Seminars for  traditional and emerging partners globally;
  • Provide internal stakeholders with regular information of development partner funding priorities to strengthen target fundraising and facilitate the coordination and collaboration between Bank Group business units ;
  • Help organize and lead key Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) meetings and working groups of important donors and international meetings, as required; and
  • Contribute to the effective collaboration with other departments and complexes.

Selection Criteria

Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience

  • Minimum of a Masterís degree in finance, law, economics, international affairs and/or other relevant fields;
  • A minimum of six (6) years of relevant experience including in project development and implementation preferably across public, private and/or non-profit sectors along with established operational track record in achieving results; (fundraising with international, public and private sector a major plus);
  • Proven ability to take initiative, innovate, adapt and make smart decisions; to create, apply, and share knowledge; to share expertise and learning; to develop self and others; to expand networks; to collaborate within teams and across boundaries; to be inclusive and exhibit good corporate citizenship.
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills in English and/or French (with a working-knowledge of the other language) including the ability to think strategically and synthesize complex issues into effective written and oral briefs;
  • Ability to apply a practical approach to problem solving, produce high quality work outputs, effectively prioritize, and adapt skills  at times to competing and unexpected demands;
  • Strong interpersonal, relationship building and diplomatic skills as well as a high degree of discretion and tact necessary to effectively maintain good relationships with partner countries, non-sovereign partners and the Bank shareholders;
  • Competence in the use of Bank standard software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


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5-10 year


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