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Date Posted

May 07, 2015


Box & Cedar Ltd

Job Title

Head of Upper School At Box & Cedar Ltd

Job Type



Human Resource Recruitment Firm

Head of Upper School

Job description

  • • Lead and manage the school and ensure the achievement of excellent educational standards.
  • • Ensure effective co-ordination of the teaching, learning, training and general administration activities of the school
  • • Maintain an up-to-date data base of teaching, non teaching staff and students of the school as well as data base of the school’s moveable and non moveable assets
  • • Prepare annual budget and strategic plans for the school in collaboration with the school financial consultants.
  • • Ensure discipline is maintained amongst staff and students of the school
  • • Ensure constant review of the curricular and ensuring that learning/teaching materials are up-to-date
  • • Serve as liaison officer between the management of the school and the community, the board of trustees and other external agencies
  • • Market the school services and ensure the objectives, plans and growth set targets are constantly met.
  • • Train and develop staff, Provide activities which facilitate the professional growth of the school staff and enhance the quality of the instructional program. 
  • • Identify the annual objectives for the instructional, extracurricular, and athletic programs of the school. 
  • • Ensure that instructional objectives for a given subject and/or classroom are developed, and involves the faculty and others in the development of specific curricular objectives to meet the needs of the school program. The principal provides opportunities for staff participation in the school program. 
  • • Evaluate student progress in the instructional program by means that include the maintaining of up-to-date student data. The principal supervises and appraises the performance of the school staff. 
  • • Orient and assist new staff and new students and provides opportunities for their input in the    school program. 

Desired Skills and Experience

Bachelos degree in Education. Postgraduate degree is an added advantage. 

Excellent managerial, supervisory and leadership qualities 

Good interpersonal and persuasive skills – A team builder

Knowledge of the Professional Standards for Teachers

knowledge of school Administration

Planning and organizing skills

Ability to enhance and sustain performance of others.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Ability to interpret and implement new legislation, policies and initiatives.

Ability to set appropriate targets for the improvement of school performance and how to establish, monitor and evaluate an action plan.

Able to work effectively in a team


Ability to manage and lead others to achieve agreed goals


Be flexible, fun loving and energetic

A lover of children 

An exceptional role model with high standards of integrity and approachability

Ability to work hard with competing deadlines, 

Prioritizing appropriately and maintaining good humour

Acting with integrity

Ability to solve complex problems and work under pressure

Year of Experience

Does Not Matter


Date Available

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